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Santa Taranta present



A collective of talented musicians from the Melbourne world

and jazz scene come for the first time together to reinvent southern Italian folk music and to give it a local accent. 

Inspired by this infectious music they are bringing new energy into the Australian music scene and creating new bridges among cultures.

"Sonu - Songs from the Homeland

  Our new show selected by the Australia Counci for the Arts  to tour in Australia in 2020!


Santa Taranta Italian traditional music in Melbourne. Pizzica, tarantella and much more. Sa, nta Taranta, Music from the south of Italy in Melbourne

Sonu takes you on a musical journey through the migrant experience in Australia, interweaving an outstanding live performance by a talented bunch of new and older Australians with archival recordings from Canberra’s National Library.

(Magica Fossati, SBS)

It is a rare experience to be invited so generously into the lives of the living while dancing with the ghosts of the past. Sonu is a celebration that is immediate and joyful, immersing us in music and stories from a culture that has become such a big part of contemporary Australian identity - you will be singing along before you know it, because this music is part of all of us. 

(Mikelangelo - writer, performer, musician)

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